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AgriBizna Promotion in Kenya

  1. Promote adoption of good agribusiness based farming practices that increase productivity
  2. Pepino Melon Growing
  3. StrawBerry Growing
  4. Kiwi Growing
  5. Success in Agriculture
  6. Welcome

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Business Plan Development

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Situational Analysis
Situational Analysis
  1. Executive Summary
  2. Company Description
  3. Market Analysis
  4. Staffing and Operations
  5. Financial Strategy
  6. Implementation 

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Management Training & Consultancy Services

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  1. Financial and Small Medium Enterprises Management,
  2. Strategic Planning,
  3. Entrepreneurship,
  4. Customer Care Training,
  5. Branding and Re-Branding,
  6. Market Research,
  7. Environmental Audits
  8. Fire Safety Audits
  9. Standardization Projects,
  10. Project Management,
  11. Data Collection & Analysis
  12. Organizational Development & Institution Strengthening (ODIS)
  13. Value  Chain Addition,
  14. Training/Facilitation,
  15. Rural Development & Agriculture,
  16. Poverty Reduction,
  17. Capacity Building and Institutional Development.

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Marketing Agents

  1. Marketing your products      
  2. Marketing your services
  3. Market rsearch
  4. Product testing                               
  5. Services testing

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Alliance in Motion Global Kenya

  1. Come for Presentattion at Laxmi Plaza-Biashara Street
  2. Choose Entry Level
  3. Pay and Collect your value-added products
  4. Start Making Exponential Income

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Social Media Marketing

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  1. Social Media Platforms
  2. FB Pages/Groups
  3. FB Ads

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The African Centre for Digital Entrepreneurship

With its operations based in Nairobi, Kenya, The African Centre for Digital Entrepreneurship (ACDE) pool of consultants have a combined experience of providing consulting services for over 10 years and has established a reputation for providing short and long-term high quality expertise to development programmes, projects, organizations and institutions. We consult by partnering in short term and long-term projects with both in-house and outsourced teams of specialists and experts.

The technical areas we work in include; 

a) Financial and Small Medium Enterprises Management, 

b) Entrepreneurship,

c) Strategic Planning,

d) Customer Care Training,

e) Environmental Audits,

f) Fire Safety Audits,

g) Branding and Re-Branding,

h) Market Research,

i) Standardization Projects,

j) Project Management,

k) Data collection & Analysis,

l) Organizational Development & Institution Strengthening (ODIS),

m) Value  Chain Addition, 

n) Training/Facilitation,

o) Rural development & Agriculture,

p) Poverty Reduction,

q) Capacity Building and Institutional Development.

We target to work throughout Africa with a focus on East, Central and Southern Africa. The majority of our consultants are resident in the region and most are nationals of East & Central African countries with a close understanding of their respective sectors.

Please peruse our site for details on what we do, our areas of specialization, consultancies completed and what we stand for.

If you are interested in joining this team, please contact us in confidence.

Thanks and welcome.

CPA Daniel Muguko - MBA,BA (Econ), CPA(K)

Director/Lead Consultant

Call/Text/WhatsApp me on 0722/0780 281679

University of Nairobi